On Site Monitoring

Remote activity tracking

We worked with a system integrator whose client is a pest control company with 3,500 employees. The pest control company places rodent control devices that are designed to attract unwanted mice in locations such as food processing plants, warehouses and retail stores – or any place where mice feel they can find a meal and build a home.

The pest control company found many of its routine service checks weren't needed with the majority of their trapsempty. They wanted a way to avoid visiting sites where none of the traps needed servicing – as well as a method to isolate the individual traps and locations where rodent activity was taking place.

The integrator recommended a solution based on CloudGate. Our modular product design allowed them to design a custom expansion card for the CloudGate Gateway, wirelessly connected to a sensor in each trap that detects the presence of a rodent. With this CloudGate-based solution, the pest control company could remotely monitor each trap – only servicing them when needed, saving time and money.